Sunday, 11 April 2010

my apologize

why I do d' same mistakes repeatedly....

mama, dady, sis, bro, kaka,,, im veli soli....

"We've all made a mistake or two

Or done something we're ashamed of

Afterward, we wonder what to do

Is it something we can take care of?

We beat ourselves up all black and blue

Should we acknowledge our mistakes?

Should we admit them and to ourselves be true?

Can we do whatever it takes to fix those bad breaks?

If we've offended foes or friends

We must make amends

It is only fair to fix an err

To lay our hearts open and bare

To identify from our own lips

Our mistakes and slips

Speak out loud and be not proud

Say, "I'm sorry" to the offended crowd

Speak from the heart loud and clear

So that they may know you are sincere

Make amends and turn a foe into a friend

For each apology made a heart will mend"

so I want to apologize to u all especially 2 my family & kaka...

"Everybody makes mistakes.
Some confess, while others do not.
Those who confess immediately
By new mistakes are rarely caught."

but im not confess not ready..

"ya ALLAH, ampunkan hambamu ini. tenangkan hati hamba."


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